GFL Double Distillation Water Still

Double Distiller, without storage tank, capacity 8 l/h
MSRP: € 6,835.00
  • Capacity: 8 L/H
  • Double Distillation
  • Single Distillate: Approx. 2.2 µs/Cm At 25 °C
  • Double Distillate: Approx. 1.6 µs/Cm At 25 °C
  • Electronic Level Control
  • Electronic Impurity Detector
  •  Low Water Cut-Off Through Float Switch And Thermostatic Safety Switch
  • Condenser (Cooler): 1st Stage Made Of Stainless Steel; 2nd Stage Including The Baffle Made Of Borosilicate Glass.
  • Easy To Clean Evaporator
  • Distillate Withdrawal: Valve Made Of Borosilicate Glass With "Ptfe" Plunger For Single Distillate, Outlet With Dust Shield Made Of Borosilicate Glass For Double Distillate.
  • Co2 Degassing Through Outlet In The Condenser.
  • Heating Element And Evaporator Made Of Stainless Steel
  • Double-Walled Housing.
  • Outer Housing Made Of Electrolytically Galvanised Sheet Steel, Electrostatically Powder-Coated With Epoxy Resin.     
  • Water Supply: Solenoid Valve With Connection For Pressure Hose 1/2" (Inner Ø Approx. 12.7 Mm).
  • Cooling Water Outlet With Hose Connection 3/4" (Ø Approx. 19.0 Mm)        




8 l / h


Single distillate:
approx. 2.2 µs / cm at 25 °C
Double distillate:
approx. 1.6 µs / cm at 25 °C *

Cooling water required

approx. 198 l / h

Minimum water pressure

3 bar to max. 7 bar

Exterior dimensions 
(W x D x H)

700 x 390 x 700 mm

Electrical connection

400 V / 50...60 Hz / 11.5 kW 
3 PH/N/PE three-phase current **

Net weight

approx. 39.0 kgs

Gross weight 
(cardboard box)

approx. 55.0 kgs

Gross weight 
(wooden case)

approx. 70.0 kgs

Packing volume

approx. 0.56 m3

* Value averaged by Institut Fresenius for operation with tap water. The distillate quality depends on the quality of raw water.

** other voltages on request