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Balances and Scales

   Balances and scales from Adam Equipment meet the application needs of the laboratory, educational, industrial, retail and medical fields. From research analytical balances to compact balances and industrial scales, Adam Equipment has been producing weighing scales, balances and mass measuring equipment for over 40 years. 

   All witeg WISD devices are designed, engineered and certified in Germany according to the highest quality standards to guarantee customer satisfaction. Our in-house technical development process, the use of the highest quality components and German product inspection standards ensure superior quality and reliability.
To meet the high expectations of professional users witeg WISD products are delivered with a quality confirmation and a two year warranty.



Moisture Balances (3)

Compact Balances
Compact Balances (27)

Precision Balances
Precision Balances (22)

Analytical Balances
Analytical Balances (32)

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