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We deliver to most countries, however to be sure you can email us at: sales@onlinelabsupplies.com 

Prices do NOT include VAT and are only applicable to European destinations.  

Delivery is subject to availability from the manufacturer. We aim to reduce the lead time through our relationship with the manufacturer and list of items we hold in stock.  For product in stock usually take 6-14 days to arrive if shipped by air, and 45-60 days if shipped by sea. For products not in stock depend entirely on the manufacturer. However, we do maintain constant updates and constantly coordinating with the manufacturer to improve the shipment date. However, delivery delays from the manufacturer are not within our control and are subject to manufacturers schedule 

In order to provide you with the most cost-effective shipping quote for your order and your specific location, your shipping cost will not appear when you initially place your order through our online system. Within 24 working hours from your order submission, your account manager will contact you with the cost of  shipping your items, and to discuss options which can minimize your shipping costs.  

You are welcome to email sales@onlinelabsupplies.com  or call us at +(357) 22660428 to request a shipping quote before your submit your order, or just for your information.   

To Obtain a Shipping Quote - Shipping Times - Typical Costs of Shipping - Shipping Options, we require the following information in order to give you an accurate quote, please be provide us or be prepared to provide us the following information:

(i) What type of products you are purchasing 

(ii) How many products you are purchasing   

(iii) Your full address *** 
(iv) Your zip code

*** Residential Delivery: house, apartment complex, residence of any kind.
Commercial Delivery:  business location, storage unit, warehouse, store. 

For Delivery by couriers, we require your telephone number as well as a contact person. 


Collect Orders

In the case that a customer will want to collect their goods, we have a EURO 35 collection fee. Our warehouses are located in Cambridge UK, Dubai, as well as Siegen, Germany. In advance we will provide packing details including the approx weight and dimensions as well as Gros Weight in kilograms. We will inform you which warehouse the goods will be delivered to and when the goods are ready for collection.