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Water Baths

Select the brand for which water baths equipment you require;


Techne Water Baths
Techne Water Baths (8)

Stuart Water Baths
Stuart Water Baths (4)

GFL Water Baths
GFL Water Baths (17)

Cleaver Water Baths
Cleaver Water Baths

Water Baths Accessories
Water Baths Accessories (53)


Stuart Water Baths

Stuart static water baths are available in three sizes, 6, 15 or 24L. The shaking water bath is only available in 24L size and can accomodate a variety of flask or tube sizes. 


Techne Baths

Techne offers a comprehensive range of temperature controlled water baths. Twenty different water bath combinations allow the use of accurate temperatures from -40°C up to 200°C; ensuring a solution for most laboratory applications 


GFL Baths

GFL offers 5 different kinds of Water Baths, all offering reliable, robust and universally applicable every-day laboratory service for exact tempering 


Cleaver stiring Water Baths

A powerful magnetic stirring mechanism combined with high wattage heating allows each Cleaver Scientific stirring water bath to maintain temperatures to a maximum 99ºC.