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Dissolved Oxygen Meters

   Jenway offers a wide choice of portable and laboratory dissolved oxygen meters to suit all budgets and applications requirements. Outlined below are the models available. In order to obtain additional descriptive information and specification details please select the appropriate product.

  EDT directION manufacture portable and bench Dissolved Oxygen meters and electrodes. These robust ,reliable and easy to use meters have a long lifetime and are both battery and mains compatible.

Portable DO2 Meters
Portable DO2 Meters

Portable DO2 Meter Accessories
Portable DO2 Meter Accessories (5)

Bench DO2 Meters
Bench DO2 Meters (6)

Bench DO2 Meter Accessories
Bench DO2 Meter Accessories (12)

Dissolved Oxygen Probes
Dissolved Oxygen Probes (4)

BOD Accessories
BOD Accessories (4)