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pH Meters


   Jenway Laboratory offers a wide choice of portable and laboratory pH meters to suit all budgets and applications requirements. In order to obtain additional descriptive information and specification details please select the appropriate product.


          EDT directION manufactures a complete range of Bench and Portable pH Meters. All meters have a BNC connector and are compatible with not only EDT manufactured probes but all other pH electrodes with a BNC plug.  The meters are robust and easy to use and have been proven to provide excellent service to customers resulting in a very low life cost.




Accessories (24)

Portable pH Meters
Portable pH Meters (1)

Portable pH Meter Accessories
Portable pH Meter Accessories (3)

Bench pH Meters
Bench pH Meters (5)

Combined pH/Conductivity Meters
Combined pH/Conductivity Meters (1)

Bench pH Meter Accessories
Bench pH Meter Accessories (15)

pH Buffers
pH Buffers (16)

pH Electrodes
pH and Reference Electrodes (30)


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Parameter 350 370 3510 3520
Portable Yes Yes No No
Waterproof No No No No
pH range - 2 to 16 - 2 to 16 - 2 to 20 - 2 to 20
mV No Yes Yes Yes
Redox No Yes Yes Yes
Ion No Yes Yes Yes
ATC No Yes Yes Yes
No. calibration points 1 or 2 1 or 2 1, 2 or 3 1, 2 or 3
Automatic buffer recognition Yes Yes Yes Yes
Results stored 32 32 32 500
GLP compliant No No No Yes